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It is similar to the darkmantle and the piercer but attacks with suffocation instead of impaling.

Lurker (StarCraft)

The lurker resembles a flat, gray stingray with two small eyes at the front. They are capable of both creeping along a ceiling and slowly gliding through the air. The darkmantle is said to be the result of crossbreeding a lurker with a piercer. Lurkers live underground.

Lurkers, as said before, attack similarly to the darkmantle and the piercer. They flap or crawl to the roof of a cavern, and attach themselves to the ceiling. They wait until prey comes beneath them and then drop below.

Because they are flat and not pointed, they do not impale the prey. Instead, they wrap around the head of the victim and suffocate them. They do not let go until either they or the prey is dead.


They can only be fought off by others, or with small weapons the prey was already holding. Lurkers are solitary creatures, unlike the piercer, which lives in colonies that can be huge. Females lay glutinous sacks of eggs on the ground, and newborns feed upon vermin which can be found on cave floors, until they are old enough to fly and can attack in the above described method.

The trapper is a variation of the of the lurker. Instead of attacking by dropping from above, it waits on the floor and kills by closing itself over prey that walks on top of it.

How to lurk in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The forest trapper, or miner, is another, more different variation of the lurker. The miner waits on the floor of forests until prey walks on top of it, then attacks with two poisonous barbs. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Rescued article requiring attention This article was rescued from The Annexa repository of pages deleted from Wikipedia for lack of notability.

Please edit it to conform to this wiki's style guidelines before removing this notice. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. This article was rescued from The Annexa repository of pages deleted from Wikipedia for lack of notability.The Lurker is a unique unit added in the Brood War expansion. It attacks while burrowed, dealing splash damage in a line. As such, the Lurker does not need the appropriate upgrade to Burrow. Lurkers attack with a series of spines that burst upwards from the ground and impale enemies in a line.

The spines burst in a straight line from the Lurker toward its target and travel to the maximum attack range regardless of the target's original position. The attack is not instantaneous; it takes some time for the spines to reach the maximum range.

Because of this, it is the only standard attack in StarCraft that units can dodge once the attack has been fired. Despite this, Lurkers do not lead their shots. Units traveling perpendicular to the Lurker are apt to take no damage at all; for this reason, they must be positioned strategically so that their spines always travel straight toward the enemy. They excel at holding ramps, bridges, and other choke points, where enemies must approach directly and cannot easily evade.

This technique becomes all the more effective if the Lurkers are held. They can also fortify a Sunken Colony by burrowing directly in front of it; the Colony's range is seven and the Lurker's range is six, so they'll attack at the same time. Despite what physics might suggest, Lurker spines travel up and down cliffs as normal. They even travel across the void of space on the platform tileset, given the distance is short enough.

Spines deal splash damage.

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Each spine does its own splash damage as it arrives, centered on the spine itself; ergo, the final spine's splash extends slightly past the Lurker's listed attack range. Lurker splash is friendly; it deals no damage to its player's units, but will damage allied players' units in team games. Despite their splash effect, Lurkers deal Normal damage. If a player does go for a Hydralisk build, Lurkers may find use, especially Hold Lurkers.

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Hydralisk builds depend on a mid-game timing attack, so if this attack does not end the match and the player techs to Lair, Lurkers may make their appearance if the enemy has a Zergling-heavy composition.

Lurkers eviscerate Zerglings, particularly in groups.

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But since Zerglings close and surround their prey so quickly, many Lurkers must burrow together to head them off, which can be difficult against Zerg base pressure without Mutalisks, and the gas costs make Mutalisks and Lurkers mutually exclusive. However, if the enemy's Overlords can be cleared, they make strong defensive units. Once Defilers come into play, they neutralize Mutalisks, which players tend to mass through the early- and mid-game. Beware, though, of the enemy's Defilers; Plague works just fine, and the Lurkers have to come out eventually ….

Lurkers shine in ZvT, where they see use in the mid-game and well into the late-game defending expansions from infantry, and they often appear in builds' standard army compositions combined with other units, especially Zerglings. With good positioning and flanking maneuvers, Lurkers butcher Terran infantry with their brutal splash damage and superior range. Paired with Defilers, they can force a quick retreat—Firebats do poorly against them under Dark Swarm, and Marines can't hit them at all.We're watching " Tiger King " on Netflix for sure.

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Love words? Need even more definitions?Lurkers are zerg units introduced in StarCraft: Brood War. Lurkers must burrow in order to attack, rendering them invisible from enemy attackers. Lurkers are particularly effective as a defense against enemy raids on workers.


As long as the defenders can keep enemy detectors from penetrating, raiders deployed by air transport are at risk of being annihilated by pre-deployed lurkers that they cannot see. Terrans are not as handicapped against lurkers because of the ComSat station.

Out of all the zerg units in the game, lurkers benefit the most from attacking from high ground. They are particularly effective on ramps when set up at the choke point. The lurker's attack does linear splash damage to allied and enemy ground units, but not the player's other ground units, in its path. The lurker has no means of defending itself when not burrowedand is vulnerable during the process of burrowing; this takes more time than for other units and enemy units can still attack them at that stage, possibly killing the lurker before it even has a chance to effectively become invisible to the enemy and attack.

Lurkers may burrow even if the ability has not been researched. Lurkers may attack only when burrowed. The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft which is no longer valid. Earlier in development, the sunken colony 's sprite was named "lurker. The lurker was given a visual upgrade in StarCraft: Remasteredalong with every other unit.

The features of the original sprite were hard to ascertain. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ].

Burrowed Attack. Missile Attacks. Accessed on Blizzard Entertainmentaccessed on Broodling Infested terran. Egg Lurker egg Cocoon. Hatchery Extractor Evolution chamber Spawning pool Hydralisk den. Creep Creep colony Spore colony Sunken colony.

Fungal colony Mutation chamber Mutation pit Nydus pit Scoria. Categories :. Cancel Save.

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You may be looking for:.Lurkers are a common monster in Silent Hill: Homecoming. Alex Shepherd first encounters one in his flooded basement, from where his mother had recently left. They are semi-aquatic, found both underwater and on land. Lurkers appear as bald male humanoid monsters with huge claws, resembling mermen.

Their legs are fused together or bound by layers of dead skin, so they drag them uselessly behind them. Their faces are blank save for a huge, vertical slit down the middle of their heads, filled with horrific teeth. Most notably, their wrists are severed and a series of three, sickle-like blades are grafted on to the stubs of their arms.

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They use their arms to crawl and attack. If one looks closely at the Lurker's arms one can see three small breathing holes on each of the Lurker's arms. Lurkers have a tendency to crawl out of small hiding places and ambush Alex. They are located in the Silent Hill streets and in flooded buildings, therefore making water a constant risk to enter.

The aggressive monster moves slowly by crawling on their hands, dragging themselves forward. However, they attack with alarming speed. They swipe at Alex with their long claws, and, when at a medium distance from him, lunge out and knock him down. The horrific claws make them exceptionally dangerous, however they lack lengthy stamina.

Overall, the swift speed and brute force of their claws can make Lurkers a very treacherous enemy to Alex: their fast speed, deadly attacks and strength all combine to create an effective killing machine. They are best dealt with at either long range or in melee, to avoid their most devastating attack. The Lurker's head is highly susceptible to heavy attacks; one charged heavy swing from the fire axe will instantly decapitate them.

Lurkers may represent the restraint Alex felt throughout his life and the lack of love from his family. Similarly, it may represent Alex's feelings of incapability when it comes to finding his brother, being restrained or held back by those around him refusing to tell him the truth. It could also symbolise Alex's intended fate by drowning, and his subsequent avoidance of it. Their legs are tied up, possibly hinting Adam Shepherd planned to tie Alex up and dump him in the lake. On the same note, they could also possibly represent the death of his brother Joshuaas Joshua drowned and Lurkers have an appearance similar to a twisted version of a mermaid.

Its claws also highly resemble tools of torture. It can be theorised that the Lurker relates to Alex's mother Lillian, since it is encountered soon after Alex reunites with her, and that it may represent his disdain, annoyance or resentment towards her for her cold treatment of him.

The gross imagery, reminiscent of a vagina, could represent Alex's possible subconscious wish that he was never born, or at least, never born into his family.

In this sense, the monster could represent Alex's frustration from being unable to escape and "flee" from his family's problems with its tied legs.Top definition. Lurkers unknown. People who look at your myspace and dont leave commentsmessagespic comments, etc. Rob:My Profile views just jumped from to in ten minutes!! Fred:God damn lurkers!! Mongo : That kid Tonto is a lurker. Thor : He is creepy. Tonto: I am right here. Lurker unknown. Someone who "lurks" around an Internet forum, only reading and never posting.

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